Yang Tang received her Ph.D. in mathematics (statistics) at McMaster University. Her research focuses on mixture model-based clustering and computational statistics. Current research includes work on high-dimentional categorical data analysis and asymmetric clustering. 


Yang received two master degrees in Canada: MSc in Statistics 2012 from University of Guelph and MBE in Economics 2010 from Brock University. 


Yang is currently working as a Faculty of Science Research Fellow at McMaster University,

supporting academic activities and decision-making processes through collection, dissemination, and interpretation of data.

Yang knows programming languages such as R and Python, and data processing languages such as SAS and SQL.



Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
McMaster University,
1280 Main St. W., 
Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8
t: +1-905-525-9140, x 23424
e: Yang.Tang@math.mcmaster.ca



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